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Rigsby speaks at Unifying Men for Christ Program

By Floyd Miller



Editors Note: Rigsby spoke in April however I thought this might be a message that men would want to think about as we celebrate Father’s Day. I trust that you will have a great Father’s Day. Rick Rigsby spoke at Cooper High School to approximately 300 individuals, mostly men, but a few women were present. His was speaking on behalf of the organization Unifying Men for Christ. Rigby, a motivational speaker, weaved a sad story throughout his speech that was ultimately life changing for him.{{more}}He said that back in the ’70s, when he graduated from college, he started a career as a news reporter for a CBS affiliate in Northern California. He said, “The Bible talks about how the inside of the cup is filled with rubbish, but yet on the outside was shiny clean. “ Rigbsy said, “He made sure that his outside was shiny clean.” He said it was I. He said I was a television news reporter wearing great suits, looked awesome, great image, which meant I fitted into the American culture. Rigsby told the audience “ it was not about pursuing an active love affair with my wife or being a great father for my kids”. He said “I was out of control, so my job was everything. It was being on the 6:00 pm and the 11:00 pm news at night. It was covering the San Francisco 49ers, it was covering the San Francisco Giants, and it was living this glamorous life at the expense of my children. He said, “ Tonight I’m here to tell you that ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity. Pride is the burden of a foolish person, and I was caught in the cross hairs of pride”. As Rigsby continued to tell his story the audience was able to feel the difference a day can make. Rigbsy said “one day, a simple visit to a doctor’s office changed my life”. He said my wife’s physician said Trina; we’re concerned about this lump in your breast. We think we need to do a biopsy. We came back a week later and learned that it was breast cancer. He said all of the sudden; my world came to an end. I’m now driving by funeral homes, rehearsing her funeral. All of the sudden I’m up at 12:00 at night instead have focused on me; I’m washing clothes for two little children. All of the sudden, the stark reality that my wife needs a man and not a boy is piercing my heart. I had to grow up fast.Six years after that diagnosis, my boys and me walked up to mommy’s casket and said goodbye. And for two years, my heart didn’t beat, and I could not make sense of things.Rigsby said, I made a couple of decisions at the casket. I am looking at my lover, my best friend, the mother of my children. My wife of over 20 years, and I am wondering if I am going to make it. And I said to Trina as her body lay in that box, I said most of my life I have focused on how I look. And I have heard you say to me, just a week ago before you went home, it doesn’t matter to you any longer how long you live. What matters most is how you live. Trina, I promise you that with God’s help, I am going to live more of a Godly life. I am going to try to be the man that God called me to be. I am going to try to a good father to our children. Rigsby talk was based on the book of Zephaniah. He made three points 1) we need to be silent before God. 2) We need to be Cleansed before God and 3) we need to be growing in God. Rigsby encouraged men to find men that they could be accountable to, as the scripture states iron sharpens iron. He said their need to be man teams like Caleb and Joshua, David and Jonathan, Peter and Paul. As Rigby concluded his speech he told the audience that the Lord sent him a wife who adopted his children as her own. Trina had prayed before her death that another woman would love and accept her boys. Rick and his wife Janet have since had two more boys. Rigsby said that he is committed to being a better husband and father.

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