Resume for Heaven By Jack Walker

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By Jack Walker | September 1, 2014

Mission Statement: I BELIEVE and would feel very grateful to work for You and perhaps one day enter Paradise…Skills and Attributes>Wicked, manipulative and deceitful.>Proven thief and convict.>Lying>Adultery>False-Pride and quick to judge others.>Drunk and Junkie, a dope fiend.>Rage, Anger and Impulsive violent decisions.>Pride/Ego/Arrogance>The consistent usage of HIS name in vain>A steady inclination to sin and make the wrong choices.“Treatment” : After burning several bridges in regards to family/friends and anyone else that cared about me, I had no one else to turn to but YOU, Lord…. I cursed you and was the ideal example of a far beyond broken individual. When I had nowhere else to go, you opened a window for me. I’m confused…. If you are the Almighty God, why did you let me live when I wanted to die?“Held-Captive” : Is this a trick? Why do they always have a Holy Bible in this place? Don’t you know how angry I am with you… Are you not the “miracle-worker”? If I am your child as you say I am… Why am I here? I want to leave this place…. This book that my cell-mate had…. He claims he has somehow became a friend of yours despite the fact that he’s locked up here with me for assaulting his own family while I’m sitting here for just traffic tickets…. What’s really going on in this so-called “Paradise” that supposedly anyone has access to? I’m confused.“Stumbling” son, brother and follower : Is this so-called Eternity a dream or actually TRUE? To the best of my knowledge, I embody every aspect of character that YOU asked me to keep in mind when I was born. Words cannot describe how malnourished my soul is. If YOU gave this to me… Why do YOU continue to let me eat? Why do YOU continue to provide for me? Why, in spite of my consistent wickedness allow me to breathe and hustle… To steal and cause wreckage… to indulge and break all of the laws that YOU, YOURSELF wrote? Note to the ‘Hiring- Manager” : “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.”Immediate reply from the ‘Boss Above’: “Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”LUKE 23: References are Available Upon Request