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Restore the Mansion

By Joe Starkey



Champions Church has taken on the task to restore the Mansion on Buffalo Gap that adjoins their church. They believe they can convert it to a place of learning and faith.{{more}}Several hundred people came thru the open house on the weekend of 20 June. There were some who could only see the ruin that time and water had made of a great dream. Most saw the beauty and potential of the place. Photo by Joe Starkey.My photographs will show you both. Please remember that ugly and ruin are only a surface reflection while beauty goes deep and does not always show on the first look.Many people enjoyed going thru the mansion on this June afternoon. Photo by Joe Starkey.The mansion was built by Peter and Pat Kasimirs. The Kasimirs used to own the Royal Inn and people went there for some of the best steaks in West Texas. Photo by Joe Starkey.

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