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Remembering: The LOVE of the Game

By Jack Walker - Sports Editor



Regardless of what we remember, when we remember, where we remember, why we remember, who we remember and how we remember, what’s most important is that we remember.According to Webster, the primary definition of the word, remember: is to have or be able to bring to one’s mind an awareness of someone or something that one has seen, known, or experienced in the past.According to Saint Valentine,it is “the restoration of one’s sight”. {{more}}According to myself, the definition of remember accommodates all of the above references in addition to one more. Remember means a dream. A dream some might discourage one from because “it’s too late”, or is “long-forgotten” or even lost forever. But to me, remember: means a dream.Three years ago, this month, in February of 2012 a well-respected and widely- known, West Texas, Christian businessman who owns and operates , a free, monthly predominantly African-American newsletter that circulates prominently throughout the Big Country, granted without judgment and reservations: a young white kid from the city with a troubled past, a broken-soul and forgetful mind: a chance to remember. I was figured to be a promising sports-writer coming out of college, the Editor of the Sports Page for the University Student Newspaper and aspiring main-stream reporter with dreams of National Magazines and wide-spread TV notoriety. Poor choices, bad ideas and the pit-fall consequences of that part of my life, now appropriately regarded as my past, -according to some potential employers- “killed my aptitude to succeed in the field of multi-media journalism”. I spent roughly four years away from a computer since my last article was published in the college paper. Most of that time in an institution, jail, a half-way house, shelter or nowhere. I forgot the gift that God so right-fully blessed me with.Then, in January of 2012, I wrote an article titled, “The Stigma of the Listening Heart”, an editorial, opinion column that placed an emphasis on the vitality of never forgetting the past -good or bad- because with or without the cliché –or stigma- someone just might still be listening to and remembering everything that happens, without, or for… a reason.Since that time around Saint Valentine’s Day in Abilene, when a publisher overlooked the stigma, and listened to the heart, others have continued to listen… to everything I continue to remember. I’ve been published not only in this gift of a news-letter every month since that date in February, but also several local newspapers, including the Reporter- News, a thick registry of juggernaut internet media junctions and web forums and a national mainstream magazine –twice- last year. That aforementioned, national mainstream magazine: Sports Illustrated.While this narrative could be easily-dismissed or projected as a self-glorifying, attention and compliment-seeking platform to re-launch or reinforce solely my own objectives and arrogantly portray a caterpillar-turned butterfly moment of genuine definition, the clever and tactical aspects of this column aren’t intended to bolster only my own moon-lit pursuits but also those of any dreamers’ among the assembly that this reaches, appropriately.If you’re still reading this and I were to be provided one edit throughout the abundant blessings of the stories I’ve been so blessed to see my name and image next to throughout this aforementioned journey, the only thing I would delete is the word ‘stigma’, which I felt so-compelled in my debut article to attach to the phrase, ‘The _______ of the Listening Heart’.At that moment in this long-lost journey, I accommodated that word and it’s meaning to refute any potential negative feedback or judgment. Accordingly, I’ve learned we experience those types of things in life, regardless of our drive toward whatever it is that means so much to us. Troubled, broken, flawless and beautiful in my own mind; I recall and continue to experience set-backs but never once a failure. The only failure would be to have never tried when it appeared impossible to continue.For the dreamers, lovers and strugglers throughout this gift of life that we can only sacrifice by forgetting, perhaps you’ll find or maintain refuge in that which placed you on this path to begin with… The LOVE of the Game.Happy Valentine’s Day: Sports Nation… and thank-you, for helping me remember.#LOVEFollow WTT Sports Editor, Jack Walker on Twitter @MediaStringer.

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