Remebering GenO

By Jack Walker | November 1, 2013

As the last shriveled leaves of autumn fell and Fall turned to Winter; another soldier of God will be laid to rest as his favorite season transcends alongside his legacy. GenO Olbiltenikoff will be laid to rest this coming Sunday as his earthly body entered the spirit world to be with his heavenly father in Paradise after having lived a long, richly fulfilled life of happiness and success. He will be missed by everyone that crossed his path. GenO was born on the first of day of January, 1913, to Milton and Margie Olbiltnekoff of Tolerance, Texas. He impressed his parents at an early age of 7 when he began to engage diligently in throwing a football his uncle presented him with for his birthday. GenO was described by his closest family members as an optimistic, competitive, leader that never swayed from a challenge and was steadily pushing himself to be better at “just about everything he ever did”. GenO’s family recalls one of the highlights of his childhood being the time he raced four blocks away from his home to alert his mother that there was a small dog caught in the grips of the train tracks that he was unable to rescue himself for fear of injuring the animal’s leg. He was compassionate, loving and empathetic for anyone he met that struggled with any sort of dilemma in their lives. {{more}} At Courage High School GenO excelled in a number of sports while maintaining a drive towards academic prowess despite learning disabilities in math and science. A four-sport letterman in football, basketball, track and baseball at Courage: GenO, filled with spirit and gratitude, accepted a partial scholarship to Patience State University to play baseball and pursue a degree in Love.. After a promising collegiate career on the turf, the man many would call and refer to as “the peacemaker” would join the United States Humility Corp. where he served as a career soldier of 22 years and achieved the rank of Joy Commander, until he was injured while in the pursuit of happiness. To this day: the circumstances of GenO’s “most indeed very honorable” discharge are considered one of the most beautiful enigmas that the U.S.H.C. has ever smiled upon. That file is CLASSified. Following his leave from the Humility Corp., “the peacemaker’ received an honorary Ph.D., from Patience State… in Gratitude. He remains an advisor at the university today, regardless of his departure….. While GenO structured a future for himself in the midst of his many accomplishments, while he was lost in the midst of a thunder and lightning storm that he believed would destroy him… he met the love of his life… HOPE, she came to his aid as a paramedic during the downfall. They married two years later. Hope and GenO soon gave birth to a baby girl; they named JOY… HOPE and JOY will celebrate his life with no regrets whatsoever… ————————- As this fictional obituary progressed, I imagine that one would realize that all of the above is only a figment of the writer’s imagination… That given; perhaps this pretend recollection of a person that never existed can provoke thoughts of your own as to what an author highlighting your life might print. Although GenO’s existence was about a person that never laid a finger on the world, maybe it touched you. So…GO