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Reese Cook receives the Walter Hurst Sophomore of the Year Scholarship

By Floyd Miller



WalterHurst was a long time member of the Texas-Oklahoma Foundation Board andfinancial supporter of the Texas-Oklahoma Foundation of Kiwanis. The Scholarship award is based on leadershipqualities. A goal is to seek out,recognize and develop leadership potential commencing with high schoolsophomores, and to encourage and prepare the next generation of civic andcorporate leadership for America’s future. Cookreceived a total of $1200 in scholarships a portion came from the Foundationand the balance came from the local Kiwanis Clubs. We are printing the articlethat Reese submitted to the Kiwanis Foundation Board. {{more}}Young PeopleShould Serve Their CommunityBy Reese CookIlive on a busy highway near Abilene State Park. There is a constant stream oftraffic in and out of the State Park with people throwing litter out of theirvehicles both coming and going. Tired of looking at all the plastic trash bagsand aluminum cans in the bar ditches, I decided to do something about it. Oneday last summer, I walked several miles on both sides of the road bagging upthe litter. If everyone would do their part our communities and our world wouldbe a better place.Thereis a definite need for young people, like myself, to be involved in service totheir communities. First, and foremost, to make our world a better place wemust start with ourselves . Every person counts and can make a difference.Young people can serve their communities in many ways such as supportingfamilies by volunteering at daycares and eldercares, by improving schoolsthrough tutoring, and by beautifying the community through park and highwaytrash cleanups. Such volunteering builds camaraderie and teamwork. You meet allsorts of people and learn all sorts of new things while doing community service.You may be exposed to people and activities you would have never encounteredotherwise. These experiences can shape the direction of your life and the wayyou view the world around you. Community service can also give you a sense ofpurpose and direction in your life by fostering empathy toward others.Volunteering also provides many physical and mental rewards. Experts reportthat when you focus on someone other than yourself, it reduces tension makingyou healthier and happier.Becauseof the many reasons above, I plan to always serve my community and give back inas many ways as possible in order to do my part in making this world a betterplace–one small deed at a time.

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