Rebuilding a Foundation for the Future

By Frances Gonzalez - HSU Alumna | September 1, 2013

At times storms come with torrential winds that totally tear down homes that are hard to rebuild again. Everything from family heirlooms to photographs sometimes are totally damaged and are irreplaceable. When the storms of life hit and destroy the foundation of a house, it also hits where it hurts most.It hurts the pride of a man and his family, and there’s the awful thought of having to start over again. The foundation of his home has been destroyed, and his castle of love where his family once found security is ruined and has taken everyone by surprise. A question becomes heavy on the mind, while the blow and sudden shock leaves worry for the future. How will a home, and cherished photograph memories of family members ever be replaced. {{more}}It is sad that some people do not have house insurance, and cannot rebuild their home. Many survive to tell their stories to their local news, while others may lose some of their family members. It hits hard deep down. Is there a possibility for a new foundation?It is not that hard to rebuild the foundation of house that is made of wood, bricks and concrete. What is difficult is the loss of family memories that tell one’s life stories of growing up. Storms in life hit hard, and affect families when they lose all their material belongings. Some material things can be replaced, yet there is more important foundation in life than one made from material things. This foundation is the family unit that has been created and built by God. There are times when fierce storms manage to tear down what God has created in this world. A family unit is created by two parents, and sisters and brothers that were made to grow together, and love one another. The foundation of family should be built from all good things that support it and keep it together. Cherished memories are hard to replace, such as photographs burned in a fire, or lost in a storm. The pride in a man or the head of household should not be determined by how much he has accumulated over time to show off, but how he keeps the family unit together by being a good example for his wife and children. A foundation made of love, joy, peace, humility, and all the good traits that help keep the family together. That kind of foundation is hard to separate and be destroyed by storms and outsiders, because it is built one built of solid rock from the living word of the bible. It is hard to destroy a family unit where God is the foundation, and the leader under that covering protecting his family from possible destruction. Storms hit hard, but when we turn to God, he will help us to rebuild the worst damage in our lives that has caused heartache and pain. It is the amount of faith in us that sometimes determines how much we trust in God in order to allow him to help us start over in life. Anything is possible with our Father in heaven.