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By | February 1, 2011

RE: Trailblazer plant and Tenaska Bad for Abilene Economy• The 250 acres I own is located just across the interstate from the property owned by the people and recently I observed two Blatner pick-up trucks inside their fence. If you don’t know the company Blatner, they were the contractors for most of the wind farm building in the area. Now if Blatner people are on Tenaska’s property, I can only guess it would be to view the area they are planning to do the building for Tenaska. I think they have been telling the people in this area what they think sounds good, rather than the truth. – Richard Nortn {{more}}• Tenaska talks a good song about all the jobs it will bring…..I am more inclined to believe that the ”jobs” will be outsourced. Tenaska, in the long run, will cost this area more money than it brings it….Go away, Tenaska! – ElaineRE: Neighborhoods in Progress teams up with Custom Home Builder AC Plumber to Save Family Heritage in One Neighborhood• I am so proud of you dad for stepping in and taking action to save family heritage in a neighborhood you once lived in. The city is truely blessed to have caring people like you and Petty Hunter. So I say continue to strive for improvement and a better quality of life for everyone in the community! Tara Plummer-Scott