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Re-thinking, Re-shaping and Re-evaluation Re-entry

By Brother Bey , Fraternal Order of X-Offenders



RE-THINKING, RE-SHAPING, & RE-EVALUATING RE-ENTRYFOXO is recognized as a local and national prolific training organization. The essence of our training resonates from a multi-disciplinary perspective. FOXO’s effective processes builds on the wholistic system approach that understands that individuals operate within a complex network of individual, family and community. {{more}} Successful initiatives must be designed to strengthen each of these spheres of influence with the goal in mind to incorporate the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the therapeutic value of peer mediation. The FOXO’s peer mediation model correlates with the traditional public health module. The public health model promotes a 3-phase approach known as the primary, secondary and tertiary phases. The first phase FOXO incorporates is the primary prevention phase. The primary prevention phase focuses on creating safe environments which looks at the root causes of crime, drugs and violence for ways to proactively eliminate the possibility of death injury and destruction. This phase purges old value system by repeat offenders via cognitive restructuring. The secondary prevention focuses on attitudes and behaviors that contribute to death, injury and destruction.This secondary prevention phase focuses on developing new value system through promoting Thinking Is Destiny thereby reducing risk factors that contributes to death, injury and destruction. The third phase is tertiary prevention which promotes advocating intervention through a new paradigm shift for Re-Thinking, Re-Shaping and Re-Evaluating primary institutions versus secondary institutions and value systems which can become risk factors or protective factors.FOXO TRAINING OBJECTIVES 1. To rethink and reshape the input and output measurements for successful re-entry programs and processes measured by deterring recidivism and promoting crime prevention from an ex-offender perspective through the FOXO’s Psychology and Sociology Criminality Training. 2. To promote a new paradigm shift that must examine and eliminate the traditional dichotomy that perceives the ex-offender population and deficits versus assets in their communities through the FOXO’s Psychology and Sociology of Re-Entry Training.3. To provide information from a multi-disciplinary perspective which indicates that all behavior is learned behavior and that people learn what they live and they may live what they learn as illustrated in the FOXO’s Psychology and Sociology of Adult Criminality.4. To provide innovative, creative and proactive crime prevention processes that incorporates the unconventional methodologies and empiricisms of the ex-offender population by examining the FOXO’s Psychology and Sociology of No-Entry Training.5. To create a self-help therapeutic networks to enhance individual, family and community safety by examining FOXO’s Psychology and Sociology of Cognitive Restructuring. You may view more information about FOXO’s activities by entering Fraternal Order of X-Offenders on the search engine.Orders for DVDs, requests for seminar presentations or training, direct all questions, comments and concerns to: Brother Ellsworth Johnson-BeyFounder/President Fraternal Order of X-Offenders, Inc Proper Education Always Corrects Errors P.O. Box 2241Baltimore, MD 21202-2241410-262-4456Website:

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