Protective Outpost Post for Sons

Protective Outpost Post for Sons

By Floyd Miller




The P.O.P.S. program is designed to reach, relate, and shape teenagers to become change agents by making a difference within themselves and outwardly for their community.  P.O.P.S. is an online (ZOOM) and classroom educational mentoring program.  Sessions will be online and in classroom (once pandemic subsides).  Sessions meet weekly on Mondays from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm starting May 2021.  Length of mentoring session is four weeks.  Training shall cover the following areas but not limited to:

1. Managing Money:

  • What is Interest, Savings
  • How do Credit Cards Work?
  • What is a student loan?

2.  Define and Identify Basic Grammar & Punctuation:

  • Past & Present Tenses
  • Present and Past Participles
  • Comparatives versus Superlatives

3.  Vocabulary Building

  • Thesaurus Usage
  • Scholarly Writing
  • Resume Formation

4.         Biblical:

  • Ancient Alphabet from ancient to modern


Collectively applying learned skills to create a plan to promote important causes, i.e., “fund raising, environmental protection, mentoring etc. and present plan in a 2-page report.

6.  Enrollment begins March 2021 for Spring/Summer session

Rev. Gregory D. Ayers, Sr., BS, Master of Science, Management

Chief Executive Officer

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