Pro-Life doesn’t care about babies and children

By Joe Starkey | June 1, 2011

Governor Perry made it an “emergency issue” to pass a bill requiring women to have and view a sonogram and then sit while a doctor “explains the organs of the fetus” prior to having an abortion. Sorry, but this is not about saving a life. It’s about imposing a penalty for not living by a certain moral code. I won’t say every pro-life person doesn’t care about the child resulting but I will relate my experiences.35 years ago this Christmas, the battalion that my bomb disposal unit was attached to sponsored a Christmas Party for the children of St Anne’s Home. These children had been abused and either abandoned by their parents or taken from them by the state. My heart went out to them and like many others in the battalion, I sent extra donations as well as offering free portraits and school pictures so they could fit better with their friends at school.{{more}}Two months later on assignment in Seattle, I chanced on a demonstration by Pro-life advocates. Thinking that these people might be a wonderful source of adoptive parents for these children, I approached and asking if any had adopted children. Several brisk NOs and some shamed looks later, one of the organizers came up and asked why I was questioning her people. I explained that I was hoping that since they wanted to prevent abortions – they might be interested in actually saving those children from abuse and abandonment. She reared up and stormed “THAT”S NOT THE POINT!!!”I then started seeking these demonstrations out and in the next 3 years asked over 2,000 people that were actively the Pro-Life movement if they had adopted or supported a child “saved” by their actions. Death threats, curses, screaming and threats of all sorts were received but NEVER a positive answer. I finally quit counting but estimate that I have asked over 10,000 Pro-lifers that simple question. Have you adopted? And never got a positive answer until I moved to Abilene and meet both an adopted girl and a set of adoptive parents at separate rallies.I truly believe that you should not support the end of abortion unless you are prepared to support the costs of bearing the fetus to term and then support that child to the age where they can make their own life. The act of child bearing is not a magical event creating love and devotion. A pregnancy that is not wanted and forced to come to term often sentences the resulting child to abuse, abandonment and even death in their early defenseless years.