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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd



School has started and children have stories to tell about their summer. Whether they went on vacation with their families to the coast or they just enjoyed the hot summer days swimming, staying over with their friends, or maybe went to vacation bible school, they have also been able to take a break.One place in Abilene that recently opened its doors has been long overdue because it is a non-alcoholic place where there is no need for designated drivers afterwards. It is just a place to relax, be happy, and have some nice clean fun. Many church youth groups have already walked out of the place happy and full of joy after reserving their slot.{{more}}If you are walking from the outside at night while it is lit up,Zachary and a friend enjoying the music while bowling. Photo by Frances Gonzalez Prime Time Entertainment looks like a movie theatre, but on the inside one will find that there is a big selection of things to do all put together. There is also a putt-putt for those that enjoy the outdoors. It is like a fair, carnival, with concession stands that offer food of all kinds; from hot dogs, pickles, popcorn, and the list goes on. The bowling alley is the big attraction, and the music even has the customers break dancing, at times, like a couple of younger lads did. They were fun to watch while they were enjoying their night out with parents.Walking into the game room area, the first game one spots it the Deal or No Deal Game where customers can really hit the jackpot and win a big number of tickets. One couple who were friends and both Kyle Gray and Jani Cruz , both in the Air Force, enjoyed a night of fun at Primetime. Photo by Francis Gonzalez-Boydin the air force were some of the lucky winners from the game. The tickets are then used in slots of many other games like the skeeter ballgame that you see at the fair or maybe the games where you can win a stuffed animal, and then there are the arcades. Next time the family wants to have some quality time together. PrimeTime Entertainment could just be the place to make some memories while laughing, and having some fun.

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