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Presidential Candidate Comes to Abilene

By Joe Starkey



“Welcome to the First Annual Bill Richardson Breakfast!” Mr. John L. Iman told a gathered crowd at the delightful home of Mr. and Mrs. John Blake. He told those present that he hoped this was the first of at least 3 annual events. “The first is to meet Governor Bill Richardson, the second will be for Presidential Nominee Bill Richardson and the third will be PRESIDENT Bill Richardson” he stated as the crowd broke into applause. This was after a moving prayer by Rev Greg Kennedy of St. Paul United Methodist Church and a wonderful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by local singer, Stephanie Steele. Guests were greeted out front by two of the famous Six White Horses of Hardin Simmons University. Mr. Iman passed the introduction down to his son with the remark that it is time to pass the reins down in government. Introducing Governor Richardson as a “leader to put your shoulder behind” as he inspires and developes others while fully considering the impact of decisions, he told us that Bill Richardson is a wonderful farmer – “he grows hope.” Governor Richardson opened stating that we need a president to bring the country together – there is too much red vs blue states. The next president needs to recognize the importance of rural areas for their values and value. Too many politicians are not recognizing that water, agriculture and energy are the lifeblood of the United States . He stated that he was the only Democratic governor endorsed by the National Rifle Association and that he is a hunter and horse owner/rider. His accomplishments as governor have resulted in State surpluses while cutting taxes to business and citizens. Important issues are becoming more energy independent. Our schools must become better and stronger particularly in science and language. He has offered all the other candidates a pledge to stay positive in the campaign but only one has accepted. Admitting to a little self promotion, he is in the record book for the most hands shaken in an eight hour period by shaking over 13,000 at last years New Mexico State Fair. He finished by offering a self evaluation that “I’m not a rock start, but I’m a solid performer and will work hard. He asked that everyone help and prevent the candidates with the most bucks from being the ones chosen.

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