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By Anita Jones-Stevenson | November 1, 2008

It’s time for the United States to change its history. We have become a nation that can only claim its ability to fight wars to victory or only accept defeat because everyone in the nation knows that this was not the battle in which we should have taken a stance. Someone forgot the old saying “pick your battles that you can win”. This election is the battle of American History, and it’s one that Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama can win because we the people will lift our voices in unison at the polls. {{more}} We the people of the United States have longed for a leader who wants and desires to lead this nation and its people in a manner that strengthens the entire nation, not the chosen few. In war we learn not to leave a man behind, but what has happened to the children and their families that are being left behind in this country and are now facing the failing economy. Soon so many of our men, women, and children will be lost and the future of this once great nation will no longer have it’s strong voice, it’s high standard of character, nor it’s integrity in the face of many other nations. The 2008 presidential election and the nomination of Senator Barack Obama for President is the last life line for this nation. Senator Obama and his family represent more of the people and constituents than any other candidate seeking the position of this most high office. If each person would look around he or she would find that we are more alike than we are unlike. However, there are exceptions, like those who have lived the privileged life from birth to death because of their family lines. You know who I mean the haves and the have not’s; those born with a silver spoon in their mouths; and inherited their wealth without ever dirtying their hands because they never toiled in the soil, or carried the heavy bags of concrete, or contributed to the building of this nation. This country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of black men, women, and children, yet today this country questions if a black man can lead this nation.The inventors of items that we can not live without in our daily lives were created by black men and women, yet today the question still stands can a black man be the commander and chief of this nation.Barack Obama was raised with a value system that can not be deterred by wealth, status, or even the power of being the President of the United States. His values were ingrained in him like that of so many of us common folks. He was raised in the time when you were told your name and your character was all that you had. The materialistic things that he’d acquire in life will vanish but he will live and die with his name and the personal character that he exposes daily.Senator Obama was not the product of the privilege class, nor did he stand with his hand held out waiting for life to give him what it owed him. He worked, studied, listened to the elders speak and learned the meaning and the practice of being a man of character, with integrity, and dignity. As I, a black American female being raised in the fifties and sixties who was young enough to see the black leaders of that time only to have to wait so many years for another black man to stand up and be determined to aspire to reach the panicle of his career as the leader of a nation falling and failing its people daily. Senator Obama will serve this nation for the betterment of its entire population, working with other nations of the world with ease, because his life has been a life of challenges and successes. I can not envision that Senator McCain has any knowledge or understanding of the path of my plight or that of others who have reasonably shared the same experiences. Senator McCain stands on the theme that he served his country and was held captive during a war, where the questions still lingers, “Should the United States have been there in the first place”. Under the leadership of Senator McCain the United States will continue to be described by the wars around the world where our participation isn’t about safe guarding, or preserving a freedom for the American people, but to capitalize on the desperation of those he claims that he will be helping through more wars. Because that is what his service to the United States has taught him to fight. Being called a maverick is not a positive attribute for Senator McCain. He crosses political boundaries, he refused to conform to that of his party or group. Why should I the wife of a black man in America believe that McCain would stand for me? It will not be in my best interest or in the best interest of others like me when he would stand as a maverick for his causes and interests.Senator Obama’s stand is for all Americans first, no matter the color of your skin, no matter how much or how little you have in your pocket. He stands for our needs, the quality of our lives, and the possibility of each of us having and reaching the great American dream. Senator Obama knows that the American dream is not just for the privileged class, but should be available to all, by their willingness to work, to love their families and the communities in which they live. The people in the United States are still fighting for equal education for all. That was a constitutional mandate so why is it that in his 26 years in the senate Senator McCain is continuing to help those who can afford to pay for better education for their children and it is something he is proud to claim his support. What has Senator McCain done to help the families that are struggling to put food on their family’s tables and what has he done to help contribute to enhancing the educational opportunities for all children? Women are still seeking equal pay for equal work and it’s obvious that Senator McCain thought that selecting a female running mate in this election would help his campaign. He thought it was about gender, not about the ability and experience of Senator Clinton. How would Senator McCain feel about a comparisons poll on Senator Clinton and Governor Palin?Senator Obama has been compared to Gov. Palin; to me it’s like comparing apples to oranges. How insulting it is to the intellect of the American people. Senator McCain should realize that comparing Obama and Palin, isn’t in his best interest. Wake up, Senator McCain and read the writing on the walls. On some level those that support the comparison must believe that Governor Palin will be head of this country within the next four years. I keep hearing that people want to know who Senator Barack Obama is. What I have seen, heard, and read is that this is a man who when you see or hear him; “what you see is what you get”. He doesn’t have any hidden agendas. He has stood tall and answered the questions that are most important to the people of this nation and it’s obvious that other countries around the world are watching closely. His focus will be on how he will work to change the down fall of our economy, what he will do to offer a better education for our children and the opportunity for each child who wants to attend college to go to college, and how he will change the health care system so that no one in this nation has to live their lives without health care coverage. People knew President George W. Bush before he reached the White House, but what good did knowing who he was do to help this country maintain its great nation status. It’s not as important who a person is but what the person stand for and is willing to fight for. Senator Obama has brought himself and his family to the forefront of our nation to stand as the beacon of change. He is willing to serve his country not just the fights on the battle fields of other lands, but Senator Obama has chosen to fight the hardest war of all, the one that questions his ability to lead this country here at home.Senator Barack Obama and we the people have to know that the state of this nation will not be changed overnight. But Senator Obama believes it is worth taking a chance of change rather than more of the same. Senator Obama will be stepping into the garbage that almost made it to the trash can, but was left for him to pick up and clean. He is willing to face these obstacles with the realization that he is headed into the muck, and he will use his intelligence, and surround himself with the best minds to change the direction of this country. His selection of Joe Biden as his running mate is one of the first examples of his intelligence on what is needed to run this county. The position of president and vice president should be likened to that of a marriage. One’s strength is the other’s weakness and vice versa and working together they can bring this nation back to the status of its former greatness. There are many who wish to instill fear in the people of the United States during this election process. Some are even willing to reach into depths of conspiracy theories, because as a child while visiting his father he attended a Muslim Mosque. They state emphatically that this must be his religion and that he is being used by the terrorist nations to fulfill their quest to destroy the United States. When does only one ever benefit from actions taken because of fear? If he believed in and lived by the practices of the Muslim faith, it would have been visible at some point since the time he spent vacationing with his father. Those who believe the propaganda being spread about Senator Obama being Muslim, or acting for terrorist groups are being lead down a dark and sinister path. They are making these statements using a systematic, approach to promote their particular ideas, doctrines and practices to further their own cause and to damage Senator Obama’s credibility in the eyes of the voters. Based on Americas recent history we all should know not to take what we hear for granted. We must be proactive and learn about the candidate for ourselves. Fear destroys and imprisons the minds of an individual’s way of thinking. He is a man that will prioritize the order of business in the best interest of this nation and make the changes that are necessary for its people not for just the present but for the future as well. The accolades that will follow his name in future dictionaries and history books far out number the one’s that can be printed here but a few include: Barack Obama is grounded, self assured, knowledgeable, and open to work for what is the best for United States. Senator Obama was raised with the work ethnics and value structure that many Americans were taught. He is a man of character, intelligence, and the sincerity to do his best for himself and all people of this nation. Senator Obama has never been and will never be a member of the “good old boys club” he does not qualify and will not qualify even as the president. This is a good thing, because the “good old boys club” got us as a nation where we are today, fighting a war that is costing the lives of our soldiers and sending the American economy in greater debt then ever before in its history. Senator McCain has been a long time member of the good old boys club, and would continue to hold his position if elected to the White House. Your vote for Senator Barack Obama is a vote for a man who will make the changes that are needed most for this nation. Raise you voice through your vote. Your vote will represent your voice for change, for greater education programs, a turn around in the present economy, and a health care plan that will help every citizen. Your vote for Senator Barack Obama will be the history making sound that will be heard around the world, even greater than the bombs of Hiroshima. Help make the United States of America the greatest nation on earth once again. It’s about the power we have as a people, not the power that our previous leaders of government have used to rein over other nations.