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Potosi Water Board Meeting

By Joe Starkey



The Potosi Water Board is one of those Texas Traditions where all the members of an association get together once a year to elect new officers, conduct business and have a good meal and maybe enjoy a little music and dancing. This year was the same as we greeted old and new neighbors and enjoyed a good Texas meal from Joe Allen’s restaurant.Salt Creek played and {{more}} sang the old country songs at a volume that allowed good conversation. I didn’t know most of the proposed officers so I started asking those folks I knew and often both they and the folks setting next to them had an opinion or knowledge of those running. After about 30 minutes of conversation, I felt confident that those I voted for would do a good job for the association.Cousins Shy Cowley and Morgan Travis were active in assisting new arrivals put their tickets in the bucket for the drawing after the meeting.

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