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PosiPalooza 2010

By Joe Starkey



“It’s the ride and not the destination.” Six musicians gathered in the Paramount Theater to honor Rev. Karen Johnson and raise funds for a scholarship in her name. It is a free flowing show without a set program. They do some of the same songs from show to show but the emphasis is on a uniting, positive “music that matters” as they take inspiration from each other and the audience. As Mr. Howard Payne introduced himself “I’m not looking to make History, I’m happy where I am” and brought that feeling to the audience of about 200.{{more}} All of the performers brought that feeling of happy to the entire show. The show got several standing ovations but was more about uniting the audience in positive attitudes expressed in their music. A common comment at the break was “if I had known more – IPhoto by Joe Starkey would have brought more people” and others on their cell phones telling friends to hurry down before the show ended. It seemed like most of the audience was buying CDs to take home and enjoy the music year round.All of the performers were winners of Posi Awards. emPOWER Music and Arts has the mission of “Changing the World. One Song at a Time” and hosts the annual Pose Awards which recognize excellence in songwriting for artists with messages of peace, oneness, and joyous living. Ms. Sue K. Riley is the Vice President of em POWER and a prolific songwriter and great singer. She left me with the message that life is “knowing when to dance fast and when to walk slow.”

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