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Permian Basin Stories or Spotlights

By Floyd Miller



ECISD Place 2 Trustee, Fay Batch, was declared re-elected to her post during last Tuesday’s board meeting. If memory serves me correctly Fay is the first African American female to {{more}} serve as an ECISD Trustee. She assumed the position in Oct. 2007 after Trustee Renda Berryhill abruptly resigned. Mr. Hector Mendez, a long time district administrator was named ECISD Superientendent by 4/3 vote of the board. In addition to being among the most knowledgable individuals in Texas with regard to school desegregation and magnet configurations, Hector is married with children and currently engaged in divinity study Democrats are preparing for the June State convention in Austin. Mr. John Wilkins is Ector Co. chair for a state delegation of fifteen voters–five of whom will be representin’ Obama. Gene Collins, Pres. of Odessa NAACP is one of the Obama delegates

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