People Will Agree to Anything

By Don Swinney | November 1, 2013

I’ve never thought of myself as a philosopher, but I have my own ideas on how things should be. I took a course in college entitled, “Teaching English in High School.” I minored in English. On the final exam there was on question. It was: Tell what your philosophy of education is. I froze. I didn’t know what a philosophy was, and I certainly didn’t know I had one. It had only been a matter of months before that that I decided to quit my menial job and start college.I had been out of high school for three years and had been married for two years when I came home from work one day and totally shocked my wife. I asked her, “What would you think if I quit my job and started college? Would you keep working so we could live?” She was elated and her answer was “Yes!” {{more}}Only after the first two years did I decide to major in Education. And now I’m being asked to write extensively on what my philosophy of Education is? I now think that was an unfair question. How many people have a philosophy on something before they even enter it? After teaching some years, I developed a philosophy of education. In the words of an older farmer, “Them that will, will. Them that won’t, won’t.” Meaning the student that wants an education will get one. Those that don’t won’t.After dealing with people for more than 50 years, I’ve developed a lot of philosophies. One of them is the title of this article. People will agree to anything as long as they can put it off. I developed it by working in sales. A person will agree to an appointment, but when you go to that appointment they suddenly remember they have a conflict. Well what about next week at this time? Yeah, yeah. That will be fine. Then you go there at that time and they’re not at home. They knew they wouldn’t be at home, but they agreed because they were given the chance to put it off.A preacher told me this story. A girl was contemplating becoming a Christian. Satan called his henchman together to decide how to prevent this. The first said, “Send me. I’ll tell her there is no God.” Satan said, “No, that won’t work.” The second said, “Send me. I’ll tell her the Bible is not the word of God.” Satan said, “No, that won’t work.” The third said, “Send me.” Satan asked, “What will you tell her?” “I’ll tell her there is no hurry. Just put it off for a while.” Satan sent himI was asked to join to Procrastinators Club of America, but I never got around to it.