Pearl Harbor Remembrance December 7, 1941 to December 7, 2007

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By Joe Starkey | January 1, 2008

A simple ceremony at the Martin D. Denson VFW Post remembered the opening day of the conflict that produced America’s Greatest Generation. At 7:55 AM Honolulu time, the Japanese Navy attacked the US fleet at Pearl Harbor. In less than TWO HOURS, they killed 2,395 Americans and wounded 1,178. The generation that fought that war is now known as the Greatest Generation. Their war saw many days where the casualties were over 3,000 for just one day. They fought for over four years and then established governments run by US military forces for the defeated countries. These were not short term plans like the whining generation of today but plans intended to establish stable, long term democratic {{more}} governments with training by US forces until the people of those countries understood democracy. The whining generation of today whimpers about 3,000 deaths in four years. The Greatest Generation gave that sacrifice many times in a single day and fought on with renewed determination. The ceremony started with a fly over by the Commemorative Air Force in full formation and then again with the “Missing Man” formation to honor those who would not return. The USAF JROTC brought the flag to half staff and the National Anthem was sung by Eula HS Student, A.J. Weeks. A remembrance given by Commander Ralph Rodriguez was followed by a proclamation honoring Pearl Harbor by Abilene Mayor Norm Archibald. The Tribute to Veterans was given by Ladies Auxiliary President, Darline Jurkis with the Soldiers Prayer by Men’s Auxiliary President, Ralph Rodriguez III. The ceremony was completed by the playing of “Taps” by Wylie HS Student, Sarah Starkey. It can only be that the Greatest Generation is mostly well over 80 and are dying at the rate of over 15,000 each day that they have not risen up and taken back the reins of government. They fought a war that covered most of the world for over four years bringing peace to the world for generations while the whining generation of today fought one that lasted only months and then could not complete the job of disarming their enemy. Today’s Whimpering politicians demand that the enemy be given back their government and the troops brought home . The Greatest Generation ran the governments of the countries they defeated for more than a generation and the US still has a military presence there more than SIXTY YEARS after the end of WW II. The Greatest Generation made the sacrifice that created the US as a world presence. Today’s whining generation wants nothing more than a retreat to the false safety of their whimpering fellows. They falsely believe that you can stop a thief or bully by giving them anything they ask. Maybe they believe that a savage will become civilized if you give them enough of the goods you earned that they are more concerned with the safety of that property than the taking of other people’s hard earned prosperity. We need a generation that will accept responsibility for making the world work. We can’t stay safe in Abilene if people are being killed simply for being there in other places of the world. It’s time to take action in our beliefs. Not all people can be persuaded by logic. Some have to believe in our will to stand up to violence with force before we can live in a reasonable and reasoning world.