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Pastor Joaquin and Wife Ivette Molina of Miami, Florida Recently Preached at the “Together Forever” Bilingual Marriage Conference at New Life Temple Church

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd



Fairy tales are known to come true when a love made in heaven transpires naturally through Godly biblical instructions. When the desires of two people’ hearts are fulfilled spiritually it is like Romeo has found his Juliet in a spell from an anointed potion that spreads an everlasting love till death do they part. Pastor Molina and his wife Ivette from Springs of Life Church of Miami, Florida were guest speakers at a bilingual marriage conference, “Together Forever,” that lasted two days at New Life Temple Church in Abilene, Texas during the weekend of May 14. Pastor Ezekiel Pecina of New Life introduced the couple that touched base on important issues in regards to getting married and what to do if they are already married and facing problems. {{more}} “ I had been told by my friends that all hell would break lose if I would get married to Ivette. Wait till the bills come. They will destroy your marriage they told me,”Molina said, “Instead, all heaven broke lose.” According to Molina, who is also a lawyer, through his profession he has been able to save many marriages. “Now that we are living for the word of God, we are changing the world. We have been praying for this trip for many months. We are excited, so open your hearts and your ears.” said Ivette. Pastor Molina shared his testimony about when he accepted Jesus as a teenager after losing his high school ring on the beach one day. He was afraid that his father would get very angry since he was not a Christian at that time. “I became a perfect rebel because in my thoughts my dad was factitious, and I did not want to be like him. I saw the reconciliation of two people who hated each other, and I said, “If Dad and Mom do not love each other, than love does not exist!” An elderly woman who he claims was spiritual came around encouraging him that he would find the ring and also prayed. It later emerged after his brother stepped on it while barefoot that same day. “I almost fainted. I never said a word. She had spiritual authority. I thought, if she is crazy, that does not mean I have to be crazy! I heard the little old lady say. “Hallelujah!” I then said,I want to be like that lady. Later I started serving God.” Molina said. In sharing her testimony, Ivette said, “I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home. However, in spite of my parents’ beliefs, I had to make a choice as to what I wanted. I asked God to come in my life at five years old.” For several years Ivette attended church regularly; she sang in the choir and attended youth on Fridays. “ I became churched out!” However, One of the things she mentioned that helped shape her faith was when she was admitted to the hospital when she was 14. “I lost fifteen pounds in one week. I had IV’s and was in pain. I told God, ‘Either heal me or take me. If you heal me, I am following you.’ It was then that I knew that God was dealing with me. It was no longer what my parents taught me; it was mine; my own relationship with God. At that moment, God became mine,” she said. “Have you ever taken inventory before you come into marriage? I am marveled about how my wife cooks. She looks up ingredients and prepares it, yet we do not know what the ingredients are of our marriage. It is required of us to take inventory. The main ingredient in a marriage is God. If God is not in your marriage, I feel sorry for you.” Joaquin said. “The bible says you need ingredient and need agreement before you are joined together “Before you take inventory count the cost.” “What is the second thing you need to have for a great marriage? There is scarcity of the next ingredient in this culture. It is man! There is no marriage without man. You try to marry a kid you don’t have. I am not talking about age. Marriage is about taking responsibility,” Molina adds, “Dad says, I love you, but where are you going to live? For this reason, a man shall leave his mother and father. Lest you might inherit lots of money from Mom and Dad, but you are not a man till you take responsibility.” “The bible says, follow Godly men because God has equipped us to become menof God. Our churches have to produce man. We have the wrong material to create men.Molina said. “If you have a man and woman that gets married because they feel good, they don’t have a marriage. The bible also says, a house divided cannot bring unity. Whatever God has joined together, let no man do us under.” Ivette presented an awesome presentation about a woman’s role in the marriage.“God has made woman completely different from man. DNA is a double helix. It is in our nature. We are made in God’s image, only different. He took everything out of Adam which was female and made woman. I am saying, we are man and woman, and a reflection of everything. Together they reflect what is in this world. We have a role. There is a character we need to reflect; that which God wants in us,” she said. “God has given us a grace and tremendous power over our husbands. Women that separate husbands from family are a perfect example of Eve. “Adam, you can eat from what you want. Everything is perfect. She convinced him. That is the influence that we have on our husbands,” Ivette said. “Your man is a king of a castle. We have the power to make him a king or turn him into a Jester. A woman, with their words, can reduce their man to a morsel of bread. Make sure that you make the man in your life a King. “It is difficult when we women do not know who we are. We cannot make them kings if our identity needs to come from our husbands. It needs to come from God. He has already given you the right to become who you are. You cannot crawl on your knees for twenty years. It has been done. God made you his daughter. God has made us kings and by his blood. God has given authority over Spirit.” Ivette Said. “God has made us King priests. Are you going to choose to walk in that calling? It is our choice to walk in that calling. My job is in this world. Teach your girls that submit means only that they come under the role as wife in royalty. If you have a man that has a vision, make sure to help him get there. We are the king makers, the one that makes or breaks him. God is perfect. The Bible says, commit yourself to him and he will give you the desires of your heart.”Ivette adds.The Molinas have a published book called, “Godly Man or Peter Pan”. “If you are going to be a husband, you can be a Godly man or Peter Pan, who Molina describes as the irresponsible man with a song to go with it “I don’t want to grow up, I am a Toy R’ Us kid. The wife becomes Tinker bell and has to put up with him in Neverland. She becomes the Godly woman or the wicked witch,” He said.“That kind of man has made you believe that you will not become what God has for you. There is nothing impossible with God! The less qualified you are, the more he will make sure to bring it though.” Molina said. “It all starts with relationship of marriage. Every man who does not listen to his wife, I guarantee you as a lawyer that millions of dollars are lost because husband did not listen to their wives. “Shut up, eres una tonta.” This is a serious problem.” “God did not give you a wife so that you can get off sexually. God has given you a wife in the spirit realm. If you are not joined with your wife in a spiritual realm, you cannot sexually produce. You cannot have what God designed you to be. You need to have that vision of Godly legacy. A man who seeks the kingdom of God, in all things shall be added unto him,” Molina adds, “We are playing religion. We need to produce the solid families on the earth. Our children’s arrows should be in hands of warriors. Our children should not have heroes who are degenerates from this world, but from the word of God.”The marriage conference closed with prayer and an elaborate dinner that was planned for Kings and King priests having been served in honor of God. It was a timeof learning and soaking in all of the wisdom needed. That wisdom that comes with hope and faith along with positive action as the Molina’s expressed in their teaching that brings changes not only in a marriage but overall in our life. Buffet at Marriage Conference Dinner. Photo by Frances Gonzalez-Boyd

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