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By | November 1, 2010

A few weeks ago I was encouraged when the Abilene Reporter-News announced its new partnership with FOX. However, I’m finding that it has nothing to do with FOX News, but only an affiliate TV channel! Now, after reviewing the job they did on me in Sunday’s paper concerning my contest with Susan King I KNOW the paper is liberally biased and does not intend to change its liberal slant on everything. After taking several photos of me and declaring them to all be very good to my face and after a lengthy interview of my conservative roots and views you see what they printed: a washed out looking photo of me and a butchered smattering of quotes. This newspaper has no intention of giving a fair and balanced report on most real conservatives except those that are well known and financed.{{more}} I hope you and the public in general will take this all into account when you decide who to select for your next State Representative-a true conservative or one who is not even a good RINO with much support from proponents of our liberal public schools and medical community, most of which prefer to play the public funding game. I don’t think I need to mention the other factors of consideration such as appearance, track and voting record, and stance concerning having a spine to stand up to unconstitutional issues and legislation which are of high importance in this day of reckless government spending and overreaches of authority. Thanks,