By Gail Jay




              Gail Jay, 2/17/2021

One cold day in Texas, while none were aware,

North winds started blowing and freezing our air!

Each town started freezing with cold, hard to bear!

Homes without power–and then water, too!

Unplanned, not expected! What were we to do?

Not seen in my lifetime; not hoping for this!

Don’t know when it’s ending–but surely is wished!

Remember my childhood–but not like this blizzard!

Even saw a dead bird, frozen just like a lizard!

Don’t know how to end this–I’m not a wizard!

Y’all try to stay warm and safe in your home;

Encourage each other; check on those all alone.

And save on the usage of electricity!

Recharge all your cell phones–but please do it quickly.

Forget being “normal” like before this all hit;

Remember conserving–keep fireplaces lit!

Enjoy reading books and your Bible these days;

Each of us should be joining together to pray.

Zero temperatures covered across our great state!

Every Texan wants warming, before it’s too late!

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