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Old Aspirations assist Dr. Greg D. Williams in New Position

By Floyd Miller



Dr. Greg D. Williams, Odessa College’s very own President was born in Tyler Texas and had dreams of becoming a Professional Basketball Player, Businessman, Attorney, Teacher, or a salesman; little did he know that his aspirations would lead him to a city of approximately 98,000 residents, a community college of approximately 8,255 students, and an occupation where he’d have the privilege of wearing many hats. “My sales experience came in handy. I am selling our institution to students and the parents.” -Dr. Greg D. WilliamsThat city of approximately 98,000 is Odessa, Texas; located in West Texas, home of “Friday Night Lights”, Roy Williams, and the International Oil Show of the Permian Basin. Odessa is primarily known for its industrial sector, which may explain the low enrollment of males at the city’s most popular colleges, Odessa College and University of Texas at the Permian Basin. However, Dr. Williams states that Odessa College houses the training program for Halliburton, International Oilfield Services Company. This is a clever way for higher education and high paying jobs to work together. Dr. Williams expressed his athletic side and sales of physical fitness; at the beginning of the year, Dr. Williams launched a fitness challenge, “30 minutes for 30 days”, for not just the students of OC, but the public as well. The program offered free access to the college’s sports complex for 30 days. Although, the free membership was only good for 30 days, it proved to be an excellent way to motivate the public to keep fitness on the mind and for the students to not only have healthy minds, but healthy bodies as well. Dr. Williams’s goal was to reach 500 students and he literally doubled his targeted goal with approximately 1,000 enrollments. “Building the mind and body. It was something different and another way to serve the community.” -Dr. Greg D. Williams Health is most definitely something the college knows about, OC ranked in the top 5 nursing programs in the state. OC has nursing programs in Odessa, Monahans and Andrews. To learn more about Odessa College, Odessa Texas, or Dr. Greg D. Williams, please visit us online at

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