November and other Elections

By Joe Starkey | October 14, 2019

By Joe Starkey

Who should I vote for? Should I choose a person whose face looks like mine? Should I choose a person that goes to my church? Or should I look very carefully at what the person says and even more carefully, at what the person does, to make sure that their standards and morals fit with mine?

We seem to have gotten away from judging candidates on their qualities and
judge them more on appearance and political party. This is the too easy way. We need to stop this trend and spend some time choosing the people who will represent us at the various levels of government.

We vote party line, we don’t vote at all, we vote for our friends and then we complain about the government we get. It’s time to start spending as much time on choosing candidates for government as we do when choosing our new car or new clothes. Politicians actually cost us a lot more money than the new car or the clothes do.

Please consider the values and morality of the candidates before voting and go vote!

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