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North and South undefeated? Say it IS so!

By Janice Coleman



It’s a fact! As of September 27th, both Abilene and Cooper High varsity football teams are undefeated this season. The key word for both teams so far has been ‘defense’. There are some names that are becoming household names in the Big Country already. Just to name a few—C. Williams, Harris, Cooke, Butler, McDow, Lackey, Flye, Ford, Henderson, Casey, Pimpton, and the list could go on and on! Once again, Big Country fans can look forward to an exciting high school football season. As both teams continue to develop their offenses and defenses going into district play soon, the stage is being set for the cross town game. Will it be a matter of which defense outplays or which one outlasts the other? Will one offense wear the other defense down and the game be won in the fourth period? So many scenarios come to mind as both teams play each week! Can they both stay undefeated until the cross town game? Who will be their biggest opponent? Permian scored 56 points and Midland Lee scored 63 in recent games. Are both defenses ready or will they be ready for the high powered offenses coming up on their schedules? Time will tell. In Class 3A, the Wylie Bulldogs may not be undefeated, but they had a huge game against a Big Spring team scoring 61 points to Big Springs’ 14. If the results up to this point are a good indicator, local teams should have winning seasons once again considering the talent and effort of the players on each team. A healthy support system always helps as well, so friends and family need to continue their support of each team by going out to the stadiums when these teams play. See you at the stadiums!Janice Coleman

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