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NFL Camps in Abilene

By Janice Coleman



June was NFL camps for youth month in Abilene as the young people were able to spend time with two Indianapolis Colts and a Chicago Bear. {{more}} Danielle Manning and Dominic Rhodes held camp and spent time with Abileneyouth on the 24th of June as well as other activities prior to the camp, and Justin Snow held camp on June 28th with activities the previous day as well. This year Justin Snow held his camp on the campus of Abilene Christian University where a number of youth came out and participated in basic skills training with Mr. Snow and his assistants. Among the youth in attendance were Jake Morgan, Dakota Rodriguez, and Keijahdrea Samuels. The young boys answered questions during the morning workout which ended before noon. Keijahdrea’s grandmother, Dorothy Clay, brought her grandson to camp and stated they heard about the camp on KTAB TV and proceeded to sign up immediately. She stated six year old Keijahdrea wasn’t old enough last year and they were determined to sign up this year! She stated she wanted Keijahdrea to develop some football skills, learn from positive role models, and help develop self esteem in the process. At the end of the camp, Keijahdrea stated he enjoyed all aspects of the camp and didn’t really have a favorite part. He stated he plans to attend again next year. Jake Morgan brought his friend, Dakota Rodriguez, who is from Ft Worth, to the camp. Jake’s mother, Michelle Morgan of Baird, was responsible for bringing Jake and Dakota to the camp. Jake plays football with the Clyde Junior League and this was his second year at Justin Snow’s camp. Jake plays tight end and is 12 years old. Dakota plays cornerback and is 13 years old. This was Dakota’s first year to attend the camp. Jake and Dakota stated that they both enjoyed all of the camp as well and couldn’t pinpoint a favorite part. After a morning of basic skills drills, the camp ended again this year with an obstacle course with the participants dividing into teams and competing against each other. Afterwards, Justin Snow closed the camp by encouraging the participants to stay in school, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and continue to participate in sports. Then Mr. Snow took time to sit down and give autographs to all the participants who requested it. Another year of National Football League camps ended. Many thanks to Dominic Rhodes, Justin Snow, and Danielle Manning for taking time to give back to the Abilene community and its youth. Janice Coleman

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