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New Year’s Resolution: Give Yourself a New Hair Look

By Statepoint



If you’ve sported the same hairstyle since telephones came with cords, this might be the year to make a change. Keep in mind, hair makeovers don’t have to be drastic to look great. There’s no need to shed massive amounts of length. Instead, the refresh can be subtle and chic. Here are four ways to start your new year with the perfect hairstyle: • Go Big: After years of head-hugging, sleek strands, bigger now is better. “Think full, lush, Victoria’s Secret hair,” says Matrix Artistic Director, Nick Stenson. A layered cut can provide the perfect foundation for body, as shorter pieces push the lengths up and out. Another quick way to build extra boost? Blow dry your hair with a large, round brush, then set it on jumbo Velcro rollers and let it cool. {{more}} Why not do what many celebrities do before hitting the red carpet? “Most of the women in Hollywood have extensions that add body and length,” says Stenson. “There are lots of fun temporary extensions you can clip-in for a special night out, or even wear every day.” • Go Bang: Whether it’s a dramatic side-sweep; a ’60s-inspired, brow-grazing shape or an airy, pixie fringe, bangs can update a hairstyle in no time.  “There’s a flattering fringe for every face shape and personal style,” says Matrix Artistic Director, Ammon Carver. “For example, long, wispy, angled bangs are a classic and can soften a round or square face. A blunt, long, solid fringe gives off a bohemian vibe and also covers a long forehead and balances a pointed chin.”  Work with your hairstylist to assess your face and create a custom fringe that suits you perfectly. • Go Bold: When you’re thinking about color this year, don’t stop at blonde or brunette. Today’s hair hues run the gamut from dusty pastels like lilac, silver and pink, to bold shades of amethyst, coral or mulberry. “Depending on your personal style, you can opt for an all-over hue transformation or simply add a bright panel or streak for an unexpected pop of color,” says Stenson. • Go Brilliant: Want to know the secret to looking younger? Forget Botox — it’s all about shiny, gleaming hair. Dull, dry strands add years to your look, so investigate shine-boosting strategies in the new year. “Start by selecting the right conditioner,” suggests Carver. “Your stylist can assess whether you need moisture, protein or a combination of both and help you select a formula for your hair type, whether it’s fine or thick and coarse.”  A glossing hair color treatment will also boost the shine factor. It’s like topcoat for your hair. And don’t forget the finishing touch — lightweight styling oil, applied to damp hair before drying and styling. “I love Biolage Exquisite Oil,” says Carver “It contains Moringa Oil and delivers weightless shine.” More 2013 hairstyle trends and suggestions are available at Let a new year mean a new you and a new ‘do.

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