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New Year’s Resolution: Focus on Your Insides

By Statepoint



Every New Year millions of people vow to get fit and improve their health by joining a gym and following a healthier diet. Unfortunately, many overlook an essential part of our overall health and wellness — the digestive system. When the digestive system is out of balance, you are vulnerable to experiencing occasional digestive upsets which can slow you down and make you feel sluggish and unhealthy. Registered dietitian and Align spokesperson, Ashley Koff, offers these tips because with the right balance of nutrition, exercise and bacteria you can work towards a healthier 2010: * Mind Your Manners: Talking while you’re eating, chewing gum and drinking through a straw can all cause you to swallow excess air, leaving you uncomfortable. * Great Things DO Come in Small Packages: Allow yourself to enjoy the occasional treat, but limit yourself to just a taste or bite. The smaller portion will be better for your digestive system and can help you feel less bloated. * Find Your Inner Balance: Of bacteria, that is. It’s important to have a good balance of beneficial bacteria in our digestive systems; not enough can lead to digestive imbalance. When used daily as directed, a probiotic supplement like Align with Bifantis , can help restore your natural balance and provide ongoing probiotic protection from occasional digestive upsets. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. However, P&G proudly stands by the performance of Align and offers consumers a money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied. Visit for more information. * How Sweet It Is: Keep this in mind the next time you reach for a treat this year. Sugars, dried fruit, sweeteners, and juice are treats that may not be friendly to all digestive systems. Carbonated drinks like sugary sodas can make your stomach feel puffy and distended. Keep it simple — stick to water with lemon or herbal tea. * UNDERwhelm the digestive system: How do we calm irritability? Take a few things off your plate – literally. When we eat and drink less at one time, we present less to the digestive system. * Don’t Feel Weighed Down: Hop on the treadmill, hit the dance floor or just run around with your nieces and nephews – anything. Working up a sweat releases fluids your body might be holding, and exercising each day can help to move food along your digestive tract. Before beginning a new exercise program or regimen, though, talk to your doctor to see what kind of activity is right for you. For the coming year, there are many small changes you can make to look and feel great, including finding smart ways to protect against occasional digestive upsets.

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