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New Way Christian Academy

By Jeromy Ray



Pastor Sam Smith asked the question “What is missing?” after being successful in taking the youth boys basketball team formerly known as Swoosh to National Championship, Sam Smith and Pam Alexander embarked on a larger mission, New Way Christian Academy. “Something was still missing.” stated Smith, “We were winners at the sport, but not in life.” Smith went on to say, “The kids were walking around with saggy pants and it was clear to me that what was missing was God’s Word, biblical principles weren’t being applied to their lives.” A change needed to take place. That change, New Way Christian Academy. {{more}}NWCA is a nonprofit Christian/home school that commits to providing quality education and places emphasis on students individually as well as collectively in order for each student to be succesfful. The curriculem is comparable to that of any public school curriculum, but the difference is the implementation of biblical principles and teachings of Christ. After the inception of NWCA, Swoosh had a new name and a new game plan, and success looked even brighter. The girls basketball team won Nationals just last year as NWCA, but the difference this time isn’t just the gender nor the name of the team, but the future. “We notice many talented Black Americans who go pro, but their conduct isn’t what it needs to be.” commented Smith. Smith then continued saying, “And we all know that only a few black athletes will go pro, so what happens to the large percent who don’t make it? We want to make sure that our students have something to fall back on or better yet look forward to.” Smith’s plan is to create a desire for what NWCA has to offer. “We provide a positive association with a gang-like concept, but with God’s values.”What will NWCA need to be successful? NWCA will need the support of the community, an old African proverb states, “It takes a community to raise a child”. NWCA is asking for a commitment and pledge, to support a student, which is only $25 per month. Donors will receive an Eagle Packet including a monthly newsletter written by students, a calendar of the events for that month, and a convenient payment book with monthly vouchers to send along with monthly pledge. Know that your generous pledge will benefit the students for a lifetime. For more information please contact Pastor Sam Smith @ 432-634-3634 or Pam Alexander @ 432-352-6355Do you have a story to tell? Call Jeromy Ray for stories in Midland and Odessa area @ 432-363-5860

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