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New position focuses on innovative teaching in 21st century classroom

By Anynmous



Abilene Christian University continues its commitment to provide innovative teaching and learning in its classrooms with a newly created position designed to focus on teaching. Dr. William Rankin, associate professor of English and co-director of ACU’s Connected mobile-learning Initiative has been named as the university’s first director of educational innovation. {{more}} “Dr. Bill Rankin brings to this position a combination of experience, skills, knowledge and gifts that are be unique,” said Dr. Dwayne VanRheenen, ACU provost. “Not only is he a gifted teacher, but he also has a theoretical understanding of new educational technologies and their possible uses in teaching and learning. Chaucer in his left hand and an iPhone in his right!” Already, ACU has established itself as a technological leader in the educational world, and the creation of a position dedicated to leading educational innovation will allow the university further to explore new trends in education and technology. The position is housed in ACU’s Adams Center for Teaching and Learning, and Rankin will extend the focus of the center’s activities while doing more outreach work. He will be speaking at conferences, writing books and materials, training educators, producing podcasts and creating concrete applications to be used in the 21st century classroom, said George Saltsman, director of the Adams Center for Teaching and Learning. “Since we first announced our plan of equipping our students with mobile learning devices, ACU has quickly gained recognition throughout the world as technological leader,” said Saltsman. “This new position was created as an extension of the mobile learning initiative, and it gives ACU faculty greater participation in our goal to prepare the academic world for education in the 21st century.

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