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By Floyd Miller



Easter service was special as praise and worship team sang songs of celebration at New Hope Church. Oh, Happy Day. Oh Happy Day. Jesus Rose Again! The theme of the sermon was; This is Love. Pastor Chuck Farina preached about the real meaning behind the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. “That is the reason why we are here today, because Jesus is alive. I am so glad you are here to celebrate Easter Sunday.” said Pastor Church Farina. I am here to declare today that Jesus has won. We have the victory. We win over death! Over all that the enemy has against us. Jesus has taken back all the enemy had stolen. He was wearing the victor’s crown. Love was Christ winning for us. Resurrection means that the greatest enemy has been defeated. God gives us the victory through Jesus Christ. “Love had to win over death. What is love? Sometimes there are challenges and translations. We lose a lot in translation. In 1 John, God demonstrated and acted it out. The story did not end there. Apostle Paul in Corinthians 12 tells about how if Christ had not been raised, it was not enough for him to die.” The church was more crowded than usual on Easter Sunday because many families accepted their invitation to attend the service from the day before at the egg hunt event. Flyers were handed out to the community about the event two days before by church volunteers, who also had an exciting time working in different areas of the event. They were also recognized during the service by Pastor Farina who asked them to stand and gave thanks to each one. He asked the congregation to give them a hand for their good work. At the Easter egg hunt event which was at 10am on Saturday, there were air castles, pony rides, hot dogs, popcorn and prizes. Some of the children were dressed in their dainty Easter clothes came with their baskets and many had Sudden Link plastic bags to Gracie Aguilar and her daughter, Christina, eating inside the church. Photo by Frances Gonzalez-Boyd gather up their treasure of eggs. The hunt took place inside the church, children and their parents formed lines as a church member volunteer played the announcer letting everyone know when to get in line for the hunts which were at different times The eggs were scattered visibly and easy for children to scoop up into their bags. “In his death, the sun refused to shine that God had created. It was as if he said, “If you are going to crucify my creator, you will do it without my help. How many of you doubt? Without Jesus, life is darkness.” Farina said. “He brought us out of the darkness and into the light. Jesus, the innocent, became sin so we could be righteousness. He took the price of our sins on the cross.” Farina preached about when Jesus rose from his tomb. “He gave up his spirit and died. In my mind, he left the cross, and did a fly by at the temple. He came screaming through the Holy of Holies and he ripped the hatch. “ Pastor Farina made some good points about doubting, and how many people give up hope and trust in God when they are overwhelmed by their circumstances. “Love has won over doubt. This was not the first rodeo. When he saw that the sun refused to shine, he cried. God forgave them.” He was talking about the disciples, and how they were in doubt, and wondering about Jesus after he was crucified. Pastor Farina said. “We stand here before him because love won. We stand her before him because love won. Although, I want to believe, I have doubts. I am here to tell you that love wins over doubt.” He shared Romans 8: 31-35 that blended with this issue of doubting. “Maybe you are going through a time of doubt and desolation. Maybe you are here in this place because today is your day. I believe you are here for a different reason. You are ready to get away from the darkness. You might say, I am here to for a change.” Pastor Farina said. At the end of the service Pastor Farina asked the congregation to pray along with him, and he also invited those that needed prayer and also wanted to accept Jesus Christ into their life to come up to the altar. Part of the prayer…..I know you rose from the dead, because you did, I want to live in you. Make me brand new. By power of the Holy Spirit, transform me. I want Jesus Christ to come into my life.“If there is sin in your life, it is time to get rid of it. Do not just live through the motions,” said Pastor Farina.Air Castles of Fun for event goers. Photo by Frances Gonzalez-Boyd

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