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NAACP Chapter Coming to Abilene

By Floyd Miller




The local chapter of the NAACP is in the process of being reactivated in the City of Abilene. The NAACP had a presence in Abilene for many years. When Petty Hunter, the president, became ill several years ago, the chapter lost its charter.

The reactivation drive is being spearheaded by Dr. Morris Baker, a retired professor from McMurry and Ms. Sherly Spears the President of the San Angelo Chapter of the NAACP and owner of Spears Real Estate. A group of individuals met at Neomia’s Creative Touch Event Center for lunch to get an update on the progress of the chapter’s reactivation. Traveling from out of town was Ms. Sherley Spears from San Angelo and Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lydia from DeSoto.

Mr. Lydia, 1st VP of NAACP Texas was here as a source of encouragement. He stated that the local chapter reactivation will be on the NAACP National Board Agenda at their February 2020 meeting.

Mrs. Linda Lydia, NAACP state conference secretary presented the Torch bearer award to Dr. Baker and a pen to Neomia Banks, owner of Neomia’s Creative Touch Event Center for her support as the host of the meeting. Ms. Spears said one of the major efforts in 2020 for the NAACP is the 2020 Census which is mandated by the Constitution. The Census Bureau has jobs ranging from $13.00 to $30.00 an hour. You can find more information concerning these jobs on the NAACP website.

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