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My Father Stayed

By Mattie Dixon



Austin, TexasLooking at the condition of the world today, and the situations so many children are in, I must say that I was truly blessed to be raised in a two-parent home. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have both of our parents present did not know the struggles of a mother raising a family alone and {{more}} the void left in the heart of children. For the most part dads were the breadwinners and moms did the rest. We have all heard that ?behind a good man is a good woman?, I would add that behind a strong and successful family there is a father. He is protector, and provider serving his family well. Fathers help make it possible for mothers to be able to prepare the meals, do the extra chores, be gainfully employed and all the other things that mothers attend to. Being a father means more than being present, it means being there and being supportive. A dad is a great gift that you never have to take back. I am grateful for my Dad. Although being responsible for a family presented many challenges at times, Dad never gave up on his family.Dad?s in a nursing home now and Mattie drives about 100 miles round trip several times a week to visit him.

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