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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd - Hardin Simmons Alumna | January 1, 2015

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd- HSU Alumna Ringing in the 2015 New Year, without Mr. Right or Miss. Right from the Christmas wish list could be kind of discouraging for many single people. Kissing under the mistletoe could have not been the right time for everyone. Is there a right time with the right one? Perhaps the right one is just waiting in line and we single people just do not have a clue. For many of us single again people, the order for Santa might not have been apparently the appropriate time or date. When we talk about ordering a Mr. Right or Miss Right, which might not sound too appropriate. They say that God has a match for us when we least expect, or especially when we are not looking, the right princess and the knight in shining armor will show up on his white horse and come take us to his castle till death do us part. Wait a minute you might say? Am I talking about different singles? Yes, there is the single again group that have been there and have taken the marriage vows before. If there is a rumor about this particular group about how experienced they are with being married? Do not believe everything you hear. My guess is as good as yours. This is the season to be blessed and not so much dream of a fairytale partner, but for God to give us the desire of our hearts. Even if it was not right before, the right Mr. or Miss will surface in time. Looking for a better half in a wrong place might not always bring about best results. There is nothing wrong with going out honky tonking, but after past and last alcoholic bad experiences with Mr. Wrong or Miss Wrong, you would think that once is enough of that kind of drama. Lesson learned for some of the single again people that met their short fate with trauma at the bars. If you are talking church, which might be a better atmosphere to just by coincidence meet a special person. The chances of meeting your Mr. Right or Ms. Right could bud into an everlasting and healthy future relationship. No matter where Mr. and Ms. Right might meet, attraction to one another at the top of the list and first impressions. As much as many people want to disagree, opposites still attract. Whether a woman has blonde hair, and a man had dark hair, those features are what are on the outside. It is important to get to know each other from the inside, and spend time together in order to be satisfied and happy. There is not always a Mr. Perfect or Ms. Perfect. That is where the honeymoon ends for lots of couples that marry early when they find out their new spouse is not what they expected, and are not the perfect one that was on their wish list. Tis the season to bring in the New, and if there is a New Beginning with a Mr. Right or Ms. Right, give it time and let it bloom with true love.