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Mr. Billy King – Office Corier Service

By Joe Starkey



There are times when you have an idea and develop it into a business. There are other times that someone else makes a decision that opens an opportunity for you. Mr. Billy King had a mail processing business here in Abilene that was doing well. However, {{more}} in 1990 the telephone company listed his mail processing business in the Yellow Pages under Courier/Delivery. He responded to the demand created by this listing and started a new company that features Same Day Delivery in a 150 mile radius of Abilene. They specialize in documents and packages and the business is based on people and companies that need their packages delivered TODAY. They can deliver to Lubbock and Amarillo with advance notice and require special notice for items over 100 pounds. He will only accept food or animals on a special basis. His business does not really compete with Fed Ex and UPS as he deals with local needs on same day basis and most of his customers are on a contract basis. Walk-in customers account for less than 1 per cent of his business and calls to pick up and deliver are only another 2-3 per cent. His prices have gone up due to gas prices. One advantage he offers customers is that his prices are stable for extended periods and he does not have a surcharge like the others based on the daily cost of gasoline. He emphasized that his drivers are cautious and careful. He currently has one driver and himself but is considering another driver as business seems to be picking up. All of his contracts are with private businesses and he has not had a government contract in the seventeen years he has been in business. Mr. King ended the interview encouraging people start their own business. “Follow your ideas. It’s easy to start a business – much harder to maintain it and grow it.” Look to provide a service to others while earning a living.

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