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Mother-daughter alteration team sets up shop in Abilene

By Floyd Miller




Chong Flint works on a project for one of her clients. (Photo by Floyd Miller)

I had the pleasure of visiting with Chong Flint and Crystal King at their alteration shop, Wildfire Altercations, on South Danville.
The shop is well laid-out and very customer friendly. It has a nice size dressing room, a small stage with a mirror so that a client can get an idea of how their clothes will look on them after they are altered. They also have a nice sectional couch if you just want to sit and visit.


Chong and Crystal look forward to serving Abilene and the Big Country.
(Photo by Floyd Miller)

Chong and Crystal see their alteration as a ministry to the people in the Big Country. Chong, who is from Seoul, South Korea, began to sew when she was in Korea. She learned to make custom suits, shirts and other items. They are still able to make custom made suits, shirts, wedding gowns, pillows, table cloths and anything that you can dream up.

In 2006, Chong and her husband Henry worked government contracts primarily at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo. They did alterations for the airmen and officers. They have also specialized in formal wear. When a client of Chong and Crystal step out on the town, they can be confident that their dress will impress.
Continuing to serve the military, they also now serve the general public.

They are able to make unique things. For example, if a loved one has passed away, they can take a favorite cloth item and make a quilt, a comforter, or any number of keepsakes for the family.
Maybe you have a pair of jeans that are comfortable but need some tender loving care. Chong and Crystal can help.
Chong said, “Customers comes first, customer must be satisfied.”

Henry and Chong Flint relaxing a minute. Henry spends most of his time a KVVO 94.1, Wildfire Radio Network, the radio station entrusted to the Flints. (Photo by Floyd Miller)

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