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By Don Swinney | May 1, 2013

I didn’t get to say all I wanted to say in the first article on Moderation, so I’m continuing. The thing I want to talk about is alcohol.  I’ve had no personal experience with people who’ve had trouble with alcohol. Neither of my parents drank. Oh, when we got together with Dad’s family someone always managed to spike the Christmas Egg Nog drink, but we kids never got a shot of it. We lost contact with most of his family later in life. In my mother’s family alcohol was never even talked about. Even before I went to Germany, my views on moderate use of alcohol had begun to change. Scriptures I had used to condemn drinking, I notice, didn’t say what I thought they said. We were studying Ephesians 5 when a recent convert pointed out that verse 19 did not say not to drink wine, but to not get drunk on the wine. I had always equated the two. The student taught the teacher a lesson that day. {{more}} When we left that church we went to Germany. Now, I don’t have to tell you that Germany and beer drinking are synonymous. They didn’t have to convert me. One day I accompanied the American preacher to visit a group of English speaking prisoners being held in German prisons. He got some ladies in the American church to bake cakes and cookies for the prisoners. We invited a chaplain to join us. As he was eating a piece of cake, he stopped all aghast and asked, “Is there rum in this cake?” It reminded me of a song I learned a few years prior. It goes like this:                                 Chorus:                                 Away, away with Rum by gum.                                Rum by gum, Rum by gum                                Away, away with Rum by gum                                The song of the Temperance Union.                                 We never eat fruit-cake                                Cause fruit cake has rum                                And one little bite turns a man to a bum                                Can you imagine a sorrier sight?                                Thana man eating fruit cake until he gets tight?                                 Chorus                                 We never eat cookies cause cookies have yeast.                                And one little bite turns a man to a beast                                Oh, what could be sadder and more a disgrace                                Than a man in the gutter                                With crumbs on his face?                                 Chorus