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Military Heroes Remembered in New Book

By Linda Swink



The namesakes of Dyess Air Force Base and the former Camp Barkeley in Abilene haven’t been forgotten. Lieutenant Colonel William Edwin Dyess, who was a combat pilot, infantry commander, prisoner of war, guerrilla fighter in the Philippines, and a survivor of the Bataan Death March; and Private David Bennes Barkeley, a Medal of Honor recipient who was killed in France in 1918, are just two of 524 military heroes profiled in a recently-published book, In Their Honor: The Men Behind the Names of Our Military Installations. {{more}} With a foreword written by retired USAF Major General Edward J. Mechenbier, In Their Honor is a collection of biographies that gives the reader a glimpse into the lives of military heroes from privates to generals, aviation pioneers, prisoners of war, civilians, astronauts, and explorers and scientists who either gave their lives for our country or in some way made a major contribution to our nation. The well-organized book is the result of six years if extensive research to find the story behind every man who ever had a military installation named in his honor. Author, Linda D. Swink, an Air Force veteran, said that many names have faded into obscurity after a military installation closed. Once no longer needed, many airfields were abandoned and much of its history lost. Little or no biographical information about the man for whom the installation was named survived. “My intention is to honor theses men and keep their memory alive in the hearts of today’s generation, as well as those in the future.” Swink’s book is available at or from the publisher, Little Miami Publishing Co., Milford, Ohio, and at Phone 576-9369. A preview of the book can be found at

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