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Middle School Girls Improve Their “Selves”

By Floyd Miller



Abilene, TX- According to, 72 student leaders from different high schools were asked to anonymously write down how they felt about themselves. “68 of the responses were negative, including comments about physical looks, family problems, bullying, abuse, loneliness and despair. Four responses were positive.” Alliance for Women & Children has recognized this problem among young girls of today and is addressing the issue head on through the A-Teens program. A-Teens has been designed specifically for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls and is the longest running program Alliance for Women & Children has to offer. “A-Teens, empowers young women to make positive choices, become confident, and value their individual characteristics and personalities,” said Kristina Jones. Program Manager, Fawn Grissett added, “At Alliance, we really feel like we have to tackle important topics with these girls before they get to high school and it’s too late.”Once a week, college-aged counselors lead A-Teens from 3:30PM-5:30PM at Clack, Clyde, Craig, Madison, Mann, and Wylie Middle Schools. The fee for the program is $15 for the entire year with financial assistance available. During the summer, A-Teens meets three times a week for day-long camps offering fun activities, camps, and service projects where the girls get to meet new friends and make life-long memories. For more information on A-Teens and to find out which day the program meets at your school, please contact Alliance for Women & Children at 325-677-5321 or visit their website at www.allianceforwomenandchildren.orgAlliance for Women & Children, a non-profit organization, empowers women and families and embraces ethnic diversity through programs such as After-School Care, A-Teens for Teen Girls, and Women’s Health Awareness to promote well being, self-sufficiency, and future success. Located at 1350 N. 10th, the Alliance has been serving the Abilene community since 1920.

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