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Michael “Mike” Sadler Announces for District 19

By Joe Starkey



Michael “Mike” Sadler announced his candicacy for District 19 House of Representatives as a write in Candidate on 23 June at Frontier Texas. He will be asking District 19 registered voters to sign a petition that will put him on the ballot as a registered candidate. This form does not cast a vote for Mr. Sadler or commit a person to vote for him – it will, if successful, put his name on the November ballot and allow him to participate in debates on the issues with other candidates. Dr. Donald E. Robbins spoke first and stated that Mike has two qualities that make him an outstanding choice for Representative. “He is a smart man and he is a good man.” Relating that Mr. Sadler grew up on a cotton farm and understands both the issues and the science of our national issues, he told those gathered that he would rather have a man of science to form national policies on oil and global warming than a professional politician. Dr. Carol Williams was next to speak for “a man who is a true son of West Texas” expressing the experience that Mr. Sadler had gained in training as a physicist and traveling world wide to present scientific papers. He has shown great talent in working with others in his ability to gain extensive grants for ACU. He has the knowledge to develop a coherent policy on energy and already sets an example by bicycling to work. “It’s Time for someone other than Professional Politicians to hold Office” is a reason that Dr. Michael Sadler is running for election. He sees the main problems of current government as being “Uncivil and partisian politics”. Energy is another but one that he does not see as being worth going to war with failure to create a defined energy policy contributing more and more. He commented that “it is unfair to expect West Texas farmers to produce 50 cent cotton using $3.00 diesel. Global warming is another problem that is more dangerous than recognized. An underlying problem to all these is that politicians are ignoring basic science in understanding and solving problems. “It is time for a change.”

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