By Joe Starkey | February 1, 2011

My mother, Dr. Roberta Starkey and I made a trip to return memories back home. My father had taken an enlargement of a photograph of the 1937-1938 Muleshoe football team to his high school reunion. It generated considerable interest by the members of many of the other classes. He determined to present this memory to the school. He first identified all of the people in the photograph and then had me add the names to the image. He did not get to the current team in the playoffs this December or deliver the finished photograph so we decided to finish the job for him.The HS Principal Steve Myatt was enthusiastic about receiving a historical image for his school but the amazing part started when we carried the image into the school. Players from the current football team came out of a conference with their coach to see the photograph. They started exclaiming “that’s my grandfather”, “there’s my great uncle” and the recognition grew. Teachers starting coming by and seeing people they knew and remembered on the team.{{more}}The team photo now hangs above the school trophy case and is still generating comments and memories for not only the school but the town of Muleshoe.