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McMurry University to have grand opening for Jay-Rollins Library renovations on Dec. 2

By Gary Ellison Associate Director University Relations



ABILENE, Texas – McMurry University will have a grand opening of the newly-renovated Jay-Rollins Library at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2. The Abilene Chamber of Commerce Red Coats will be participating, and the public is invited to attend the ceremonies. The new library renovation, part of McMurry University’s Shaping the Future Capital Campaign, provides a student learning commons for study and social activities with the Academic Enrichment Center, a centralized information area, renovated offices and a new video production center. The Java City coffee bar is located at the main entrance and provides gourmet coffees, sandwiches and other products which can be taken into the library for consumption. “We tried to implement the latest thinking in library design into the new student learning commons. Combining collaborative learning spaces, the Academic Enrichment Center where students receive tutoring, a Computer Help desk, a production studio, and a video editing bay with the traditional reference desk creates an area where a variety of learning opportunities exist,” said Brad Poorman, Vice President for Information and Support Services. “The design is people-centric; it invites visitors to come in, explore, and work collaboratively in the various learning environments. We believe these changes have redefined the library as more than just a book repository. It has been revitalized as a place for discovery and learning.” According to Rachael Bein, Director of Academic Enrichment and Developmental Studies, “The new location of the AEC in the library is a huge hit with the students. They love the brand new open environment, the natural light, and the access to library and tutorial resources.” The close proximity to Java City also adds to the ambiance. In the students’ words, “It is awesome!” “The renovation has enhanced the use of the library’s physical space and resources. The learning spaces are inviting and the students are utilizing them,” said Terry Young, Interim Director of the Jay-Rollins Library. ”With the combination of the existing library services, the Academic Enrichment Center and other student services into a learning commons, students and faculty can focus on individual or collaborative research while accessing any help they might need. We are here to serve and are excited about the possibilities.”

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