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McMurry University Environmental Chemistry

By Gary Ellison Associate Director University Relations



ABILENE, TX – McMurry University Biology Professor Dr. Pamela Veltkamp’s Environmental Chemistry class has been working on a chemical characterization of Lake Ft. Phantom this spring. After a series of setbacks, mostly weather related, the class managed to get out on the lake with a pontoon boat to collect some samples. The boat was captained by Mr. Pedro Arroyo-Julia, father of student Vania Arroyo.The students drew samples from the shore and also deeper water using a Kemmerer sampler. After the samples were collected, the students analyzed the water on site for hardness, alkalinity, chloride, and dissolved oxygen. Samples were taken back to the lab and further analysis of phosphate, nitrate, and sulfate will be performed next week.What did students learn? Besides learning some basic environmental chemistry, the students got a taste of field work. They learned that everything does not always work out just the way you expected, but perseverance and a good plan can position you for success!

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