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Mayor Anthony Williams tests positive for COVID-19covid-19,

By Floyd Miller



Mayor Williams tests positive for COVID-19

Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams announced Wednesday that he has received notification of testing positive on a PCR test for COVID-19. At this time, the Mayor remains in self-quarantine at his home, and has yet to experience any symptoms of the virus, or feel unwell.

Mayor Williams was notified the night of Monday, July 27, that he was in contact with someone for about thirty minutes the morning of Thursday, July 23, who had since tested positive for COVID-19. The Mayor immediately began to quarantine, and made plans to be tested for the virus the next morning. 

Mayor Williams was given a PCR test for COVID-19 the morning of Tuesday, July 28 at Hendrick Medical Center, and received notification of his positive result by the end of the day.

Since receiving notification of his positive test result Tuesday evening, Mayor Williams has spent his time personally notifying those he may have been in contact with since Thursday, July 23, of his positive result.

“I was exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual for less than thirty minutes, and most of that time I even had a mask on. That’s how contagious this disease is,” said Mayor Williams during a Wednesday morning Facebook Live where he publicly announced his test result. “COVID-19 is going to be an unwelcome guest, not just in Abilene, but our entire country, and we’re going to have to learn to live with it. But we’re not just going to live with it; Abilene and our nation is going to thrive,” said Williams.

Mayor Williams and his household family members plan to remain quarantined at their home for as long as advised by medical professionals, and closely self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.

According to the Abilene Taylor County Health District, the Mayor’s Thursday, July 23 exposure to COVID-19 would indicate he may have begun shedding the virus and considered contagious beginning Sunday, July 26. Anyone who may have been within ten feet of Mayor Williams for ten or more minutes without wearing a face covering since Sunday, July 26 is advised to take the proper self-quarantine or social distancing precautions, and monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19. If you were in contact with the Mayor and develop symptoms of COVID-19, you are advised to contact your primary care physician for further guidance.

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