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Mayes Family needs help

By Floyd Miller



The Mayes family is in need of your help. Their home was destroyed by fire in November of 2003. Both are in their 80’s and have been living with their children while repairs are being done on their home.Fire insurance money was paid to them for repairs, and the bonded workers did some work and took the funds. Mr. Mayes then borrowed money to have a second bonded repairman to complete the repairs and he too ran off with the funds without finishing the job.Their funds are now delpeted and they are now appealing to the community to help them to complete their home. They welcome your talent, time, and treasure. A fire fund has been set up for the elderly couple at the ATFU . The Account # 9824-2. The phone # 232-8700.They have until July 09 to show progress on the home.With thanks, Mr. & Mrs. Sammie Mayes, Sr. 2237 Bridge Ave. Abilene, Texas 79603 232-8700Rev. Flora Chriesman Email

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