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Making a garden

By Susan Clark



When starting a garden for the first time you may want to start small. I can remember my dad’s garden and it was anything but small. Trust me I know because I weeded, picked and watered that beast. Man did I love eating all the fresh veggies. {{more}} So, work your way up to a large garden. Maybe even consider a small flower garden in the front yard where you can see it often and this will help motivate you to want to garden more. Read about the flowers or plants you chose make sure they will be happy where you plant them. Sun or Shade. North, East, West or South. You have to keep all these things in your mind for your garden to grow. Also, you need to fertilize and prepare the soil. When you are starting small, you have to limit yourself to a handful of plants. If you are growing vegetables start with what you like to eat. Corn takes a lot of space and remains in the garden a long time before it’s ready to be eaten. You might want to use your small garden for vegetables that give a longer harvest, like tomatoes, lettuce and beans. Flower gardens can be even harder. Start with what colors you like. Rather than basing your dream on a photograph from a magazine, take a look at what your neighbors are growing successfully. They may even be able to give you a division or two. Well, good luck with gardening this spring. Look things up online. It is a wealth of information and can help you be a successful gardener for spring 2009.

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