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By Karen Kite



If you are not familiar with that name then good grief reader, you need to read this article.If you are familiar with it, I would go ahead and read it anyways because hey….you are already this close to the situation so you might as well. Mr. Beethoven was a fine classical composer from the romantic period of music.He was born December 16, 1770 and he passed away March 26, 1827.Ludwig was born in Bonn, Germany. His father, who was a singer, was his first teacher.After a while, even though he was still only a boy, Ludwig became a traveling performer, and soon,he was supporting his family. {{more}} In his twenties, Beethoven moved to Vienna, where he spent the rest of his life. Beethoven was one of the first composers to make a living without being employed by the church or a member of the nobility. At first, he was known as a brilliant pianist. But when he was around 30 years old, Beethoven started losing his hearing. Even though he could no longer hear well enough to play the piano, Beethoven composed some of his best music after he was deaf! Beethoven is considered one of the greatest musical geniuses who ever lived. He may be most famous for his nine symphonies, but he also wrote many other kinds of music: chamber and choral music, piano music and string quartets, and an opera. So you see……Beethoven was physically challenged but it didn’t hold him back, he pressed on, he finished life’s race that was set before him and because he did…….I am writing and you are reading about him in the year 2010 and many are still playing and listening to his music 183 years later, if my calculator is accurate. After his death, I don’t know if he went to heaven, only God knows a person’s heart in my opinion.However……we do know that God gave him a gift and life’s heartaches, challenges didn’t stop him from using it. God gave us all gifts and we should use them for Him….and for others no matter how small they may seem, you never know how big the impact can be. I know you are asking yourself, when is she going to rap this thing up and how is she going to get back to the subject at hand, which was Beethoven. I’m not, because I just remembered that I have a can of Vienna sausages in my kitchen cabinet and if Beethoven spent the rest of his life in Vienna, I can spend one midnight snack there and go back on my diet tomorrow. Next article will be on Johann Sebastian Bach.

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