Love Drops From Heaven

 Tanya Riley – Keller Williams

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 Neomia Banks State Farm

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By Frances Gonzalez | April 1, 2010

It is a feeling that seems to have only stayed temporarySince I just cannot seem to grasp the magneticattraction of an everlasting love.As a child, I did not have to searchMy parents were at every turn, from the morning sunsetto the nightfall, most of all in my heart of a securityblanket that a happy bond created.So God, I need to know before the years leave me,shorter days of curiousityHow I can go about getting a bit showeredWith some magic drops of love potion to bring back theyouthful feelings of laughter, happiness, and joy.Drops from heaven fall on me today, cleanse my heartand help me learn and feel again as I did in mychildhood days. Show me again of a true love.Help me feel your awesome love beforeI leave this world.