Looking At American Black History and Civil Rights through the Lens of Law

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By Brother Bey , Fraternal Order of X-Offenders | February 1, 2013

Editor’s Note: The West Texas Tribune welcomes BrotherEllsworth Johnson-Bey is Founder and President ofFraternal Order of X-Offenders , Inc.Brother Bey has a wealth of knowledge that is of value to ex-offenders,their families and the general communities regarding strategies to deter,decrease and prevent intergenerational dynamics of adult criminality andchild/youth delinquencies. Brother Bey’sorganization believes that purpose and passion from all stakeholders who lovethemselves, family and community can be the fuel that energizes partnerships toresolve social pathologies.   Wehold these lies to be self-evident.” Politicaldisenfranchisement in America, the citizenry has been lead to believe that theConstitution of the United States is the Supreme Law of the Land. Also, America is said to be a nation of lawsbut its policies indicates America as a nation of hypocrisy. The 15th Amendment Section 1 ofthe Constitution mandates that the rights of citizens of the United States tovote shall not be denied because of race, color or previous condition ofservitude. {{more}} The15th Amendment Section 2 – The Theology of Politics America’sendangered values are the relationship between religion and politics havecreated disharmony that impedes the spiritual sanctity of human life, humandignity. Historically,the Civil Rights movement was a continuous process of the awakening of ourspirit that dictated a political awakening to address moral issues and socialills. Ironically today, spiritualactivity is not revival productivity until it not only changes the inner livesof individuals, but also transforms the society. Itis past time that Black intellectuals, professionals and so-called Blackscholars assumed a more active role in the leadership of liberation instead of cow-tailingto the myth of Emancipation, laying back theorizing and writing essays ina vacuum or publication to impress theirpeers, scholars, etc. Hereis Prima facia documentation, confirmation that in “2007, 2008 there wereseveral leadership conferences on Civil Rights with nearly two hundred CivilRights addressing issues such as voting rights, education, affirmative action,employment, housing, poverty, health, discrimination, immigration rights. However, it is evident that historically theseorganizations have NEVER developed a comprehensive movement to address or endMASS INCARCERATION within the Civil Rights Community. Thereality of Mass Incarceration is the fruit of Power, Politics, Laws andPractices to institutionalize male contemporary slavery. America markets itself as a “Second ChanceNation” in word, but indeed, released prisoners/Ex-Offenders are caught in theweb of collateral damages and legal barriers that inhibits their potentialparity without disparity e.g. psychological slavery. Blackintellectuals, Civil rights Leaders, Spiritual Institutional Leadership cannotor will not by themselves lead our liberation, not because they are incapableof leadership, but because their class nature is more reactionary thanrevolutionary. Too often, their tendency is to vacillate, compromise with thestatus quote ruling class. It is fromthis class that the social, poverty pimps evolve from as the eyes, ears forMaster. “TheNew Jim Crow” via Mass Incarceration exposes the hypocrisy documented in thefollowing “We the people of the United States in Order to form a more perfectUnion, establish Justice. Dr. King statedthat “Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.