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Local Couple Selected for Delicate Job

By Floyd Miller



ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition surprised a Wellman, TX family by giving them a new home. The recipients of the new home were Johnnie Mac and Jeannie Brown along with their 12 year old daughter.A free house seems like a good thing, until you understand the price the Brown’s have paid. In November 2009, their beautiful 17 year old daughter, who was planning a career in Broadcasting Journalism, was killed in an automobile accident. Alex was texting while driving and was not wearing her seat belt. After Alex did not show up for school, her mother went looking for her; she was the first one to arrive on the scene.The Brown’s have made it their mission to warn as many teenagers as possible about the danger of driving and talking/texting on cell phones, as well as, driving and riding in a car without wearing a seat belt. They put their daughter’s wrecked pick-up on a flat bed truck and go to as many schools as possible. {{more}}Lynn and Linda Ingram were selected as the cleaners to clean all of the Brown’s clothes, curtains, etc. You might say, “Big Deal, that’s what they do!” Yes, it was a big deal, going into a room that literally had been locked since Alex’s death because it was too painful for the family to enter.Lynn and Linda entered with care. They found the usual things that a 17 year old would have, but several things took a special meaning: The basketball that lay still in the corner, some noted she had taken from a sermon, the cross she had worn around her neck FHA Award pins and her basketball jersey. Lynn and Linda neatly cleaned everything and boxed it for the family. Perhaps one day Alex’s little sister will open the box and wear one of her big sister’s dresses.The cross, the jersey, the bible notes and the FHA pins were not boxed up. The good people at Hobby Lobby built a shadow box for those items and the Ingrams presented it to the family.Hopefully as the Brown’s look at the shadow box it will help the healing process and they will know their daughter lives through the many lives their efforts have and will save.The Brown family: Johnny Mac, Jeanne and Katrina Brown.

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